WATCH: Bernie Sanders Rips President Trump for Visiting Texas… Too Soon

posted by Hannity Staff - 7.10.17

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders lashed-out at President Trump on Tuesday, saying it was “too soon” for the President to visit Hurricane-ravaged Texas and the nation’s focus should be on “protecting the people of Houston.”

Bernie was speaking with CBS’s “This Morning” when he was pressed on whether President Trump’s visit to the Gulf Coast was too early and could divert attention from search and rescue operations.

“President Trump is heading there today? Is that a good idea?” asked CBS’s Gayle King. “There’s one school of thought is that they’re still in the middle of it.”

“I think, generally speaking, the task right now is for the officials to do everything they can to protect the people of Houston,” responded Sanders.

“Is it too soon for a Presidential visit?” asked her co-host.

“Too soon for the President to be there? Probably it is,” said Bernie. “The focus right now has got to be on doing everything that we can to address the terrible, terrible pain that is taking place in that city.”

Watch Sanders’ comments above.