IT BEGINS: Radicals Attack Chris Columbus Statue in NY

posted by admin - 8.29.17

As the debate over historical symbols and memorials continues to rage throughout the country, vandals viciously attacked a Christopher Columbus statue just outside of New York City; the fourth time in recent weeks the famed explorer’s memorials have been defaced.

According to CBS News, the Columbus effigy in Yonkers, NY was destroyed by unidentified assailants; torn down and smashed to pieces. The attack mirrors similar crimes that took place in Houston, Buffalo, and Baltimore.

The Baltimore monument was severely damaged when masked assailants savagely attacked the statue with bats. The vandals captured the moment on video, saying “Observe how vehemently Republican and Democratic ‘misleaders’ defend genocidal terrorists like Christopher Columbus and George Washington.”

“I think these are all copycat actions,” a Yonkers resident told CBS. “To have people come out and destroy them because of their personal opinion, it’s very disrespectful and shows us a very bad direction in the way America is going.”

Last week, hyper-liberal Mayor of New York City Bill De Blasio said all of the city’s monuments were under review, including the iconic Christopher Columbus statue that sits in Columbus Circle. When asked during a Mayoral debate whether the statue should be removed, De Blasio demurred, saying, “We have to look at everything here.”