WATCH: Governor of Texas DESTROYS CNN's Trump Attack On-Air

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.31.17

Texas Governor Greg Abbott shot-down CNN’s non-stop assertion that President Trump doesn’t show “empathy” for Texan storm victims on Wednesday; telling the news network that the President spoke “at length” about the victims and was fully “committed” to rebuilding the Gulf Coast.

The Governor praised the President while speaking with CNN from the Texan capital.

“Governor, tell us about the President’s visit to the state. Tell us what he accomplished,” pressed the cable news network.

“Well it was very important for the President to show up, to show how much he cared about the state of Texas, about our citizens, and about his commitment to helping Texas get through this emergency process and then rebuild,” said Abbott. “In addition to the President we had cabinet members such as the Secretary of Homeland Security, Secretary Tom Price of Health and Human Services […] We had the FEMA administrator here.”

“As far as the President himself is concerned, I got to visit with him at length and see both his compassion and his commitment to helping Texas get through this process,” he added.

“Do you think that the President should have talked more about the victims?” asked the reporter.

“I know that he talked to me at length about the victims and about the devastation that he saw, and about his deep concern about what people were going through,” said the Governor. “He expressed his sorrow and deep concern about how these people’s lives have been completely inundated and his compassion and commitment to help them respond.”

Watch Governor Abbott’s comments above.