GLOVES OFF: Hillary Trashes 'Sexist' Bernie Sanders in New Memoir

posted by admin - 1.05.17

Newly released excerpts from Hillary Clinton’s upcoming memoir shows the doomed presidential nominee lashing-out at Bernie Sanders and his supporters, saying the socialist Senator “paved the way” for Donald Trump’s surprise victory.

The passages from Clinton’s book, “What Happened,” detail the former Secretary of State’s inner-most thoughts regarding the 2016 presidential election, as well as her “damaging” primary battle against hyper-liberal Senator Bernie Sanders.

“Because we agreed on so much, Bernie couldn’t make an argument against me in this area on policy, so he had to resort to innuendo and impugning my character,” Clinton writes. “Some of his supporters, the so-called Bernie Bros., took to harassing my supporters online. It got ugly and more than a little sexist.”

“His attacks caused lasting damage, making it harder to unify progressives in the general election and paving the way for Trump’s ‘Crooked Hillary’ campaign,” she added.

Since last November, the former Secretary has repeatedly blamed outside influences for her stunning defeat to Donald Trump, lashing-out at the Democratic National Committee, the FBI, Russian election interference, and now Bernie Sanders.

“I appreciate that he campaigned for me in the general election. But he isn’t a democrat,” said Clinton.

h/t Daily Caller