WATCH: President Trump Addresses the Nation Ahead of Hurricane Irma

posted by admin - 1.07.17

President Trump released an official video on social media Friday, addressing the American people ahead of Hurricane Irma’s imminent impact along the southeast coast of the United States; vowing to “restore, recover, and rebuild together as Americans.”

The category 4 hurricane is set to slam into the southern coast of Florida this weekend, bringing 150 mile per hour winds and three to ten feet of storm surge as it makes landfall in the United States.

“My fellow American, As Hurricane Irma approaches, my administration is working closely with our state and local partners to help save lives, protect families, and assist those in need. This is a storm of absolutely historic destructive potential. I ask everyone in the storm’s path to be vigilant, and to heed all recommendations from government officials and law enforcement,” said the President.

“Nothing is more important than the safety and security of our people. We are doing everything we can to help with disaster preparations and when the time comes we will restore, recover, and rebuild together as Americans,” he added.

“In times such as these, we see the strength and resolve of the American spirit, and we see the kindness and courage of our people. With gratitude for our first responders, and prayers for those in the storm’s path, America stands united –and I mean totally united,” said Trump.

Watch the President’s address above.