White House to Al Qaeda: Your Days Are Numbered

posted by admin - 1.02.17

Speaking on the 16th anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks, CIA Director Mike Pompeo didn’t mince words while addressing the international organization behind the devastating plot; warning Al Qaeda to “count their days.”

Pompeo was speaking with Fox News when he issued the stark warning, saying the network’s leadership would “face justice” and that the US “remained vigilant” in the face of international Islamic terrorism.

“My team, even as we sit here, is working diligently to find them and bring them to justice,” said Pompeo. “If I were them, I’d count my days.”

The CIA Chief added that his agency was focused on capturing or eliminating the terror groups current leadership, including bin Laden’s son Hamza and senior associate Ayman al-Zawahiri.

“The U.S. government and our allies have done really good work to take out their senior leaders but the threat from radical Islamic terrorism remains,” he added. We as a nation must remain ever vigilant so that something like what happened 16 years ago today can never happen again.”

Speaking from the Pentagon on Monday, President Trump recommitted America’s resolve in fighting terror organizations around the world.

“We are making plain to these savage killers that there is no dark corner beyond our reach, no sanctuary beyond our grasp, and nowhere to hide anywhere on this very large Earth,” said the President.