WATCH: Hillary Demonstrates Bizarre 'Alternate Nostril Breathing' Therapy

posted by admin - 3.30.17

Doomed democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton explained during a softball CNN interview how “alternate nostril breathing” helped her cope with losing the 2016 election; oddly demonstrating the bizarre breathing technique on live television.

Clinton was speaking with CNN’s Anderson Cooper when he asked the former Secretary of State how yoga and other physical exercises helped her come to terms with her failed bid for the White House.

“In page 27 in your book you talk about ‘alternate nostril breathing.’ What is that and dare you give me a demonstration of that?” asked Cooper.

“Well I would highly recommend it,” said Hillary. “You do hold, and you breathe through one, then you hold it,” she responded, showing viewers how the strange technique is practiced.

“I can only say -based on my personal experience- that if you’re sitting cross-legged on the yoga mat, and you’re doing it, and you really trying to inhale and hold it, and then have a long exhale, it is very relaxing,” said Clinton.

“I don’t think you should do it in the middle of hurricane coverage, but maybe at some other moment you can try it. I found it quite helpful,” she added.

Watch Hillary’s bizarre demonstration above.