REPORT: Obama's UN Ambassador Tried to 'Unmask' Hundreds of Americans

posted by admin - 5.29.17

President Obama’s US ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power attempted to “unmask” the identities of at least 260 private American citizens throughout 2016, even after November’s presidential election and right up until President Trump’s inauguration in January.

According to Fox News, Power ramped up her “unmasking” in the final days of the Obama administration, sometimes requesting more than one individual’s identity per day.

Details of Power’s practices emerged as the former ambassador prepares to testify before Congress over her “unmasking” activities in October.

Three high-ranking members of the Obama administration face Congressional scrutiny over allegations they improperly revealed the identities of Americans surveilled by the foreign intelligence community.

CIA director John Brennan, National Security Advisor Susan Rice, and UN ambassador Samantha Power have all been issued subpoenas over the possibly illegal practice.

Samantha Power is expected to face tough questions later this year, appearing before the Senate and House Intelligence Committees as part of the Congressional investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 general election.