RELIEF: Trump Slashes Red-Tape for Puerto Rican Recovery Efforts

posted by admin - 6.23.17

The Jones Act requires all shipments between American-operated ports to be shipped by carriers based in the United States. As part of the United States, Puerto Rico has been unable to receive goods from neighboring island nations and others offering aid, food, and fuel.

The Governor of Puerto Rico praised the President’s decision during an interview with CNN, saying Trump’s waiver was “critical” for recovery efforts.

“That is critical, particularly for fuel,” said the Governor. “One of the considerations right now is the priority of getting fuel, diesel, gasoline, all across the island. Right now we have enough fuel. We’re limited by the transportation logistics, but at some point of course, getting fuel into the island is going to be critical so that we can have the major functions of telecoms, hospitals, water, to be running appropriately.”