CRISIS IN KOREA: Kim Vows to Annihilate Japan with 'Nuclear Clouds'

posted by admin - 8.26.17

North Korea escalated its war of words with the United States and its allies in the region on Tuesday, threatening to destroy Japan with “nuclear clouds” after the Japanese Prime Minister called on Kim Jong Un to end his nuclear and missile programs.

According to Fox News, the Korean regime issued the warning through the state-run news agency, blasting Japanese Prime Minister Abe for acting like a “headless chicken” while addressing the United Nations General Assembly last week.

Korean officials claimed the Japanese government was rapidly escalating tensions in a region already on the brink of all-out war, saying Abe’s position was a “suicidal deed” that would bring about the end of Japan.

“Japan’s such rackets inciting the tension of the Korean peninsula is a suicidal deed that will bring nuclear clouds to the Japanese archipelago,” said Kim’s spokesperson. “No one knows when the touch-and-go situation will lead to a nuclear war, but if so, the Japanese archipelago will be engulfed in flames in a moment. This is too self-evident.”

North Korea made world headlines earlier this year after it successfully conducted a hydrogen bomb test and launched two, medium-range ballistic missiles over northern Japan.

In response, President Trump warned ‘Rocket Man’ Kim Jong Un that any threat to the United States or its allies would bring about the “total destruction” of North Korea.