Hannity in Vegas: Hypocrite Celebrities Hate the Second Amendment

posted by admin - 6.25.17

Speaking from Las Vegas Thursday night, Sean blasted hypocrite liberals and Hollywood celebrities who want to repeal the Second Amendment but hide behind armed security guards and gated communities.

“The left, liberals, celebrities, and the media, they continue to play politics,” said Hannity. “They’re trying to use this tragedy to push and advance their gun control agenda. Some are even calling for the shredding of the constitution and the eradicating of our Second Amendment and our right to keep and bear arms.”

“All banning guns will do is prevent good people from having the ability to protect themselves and their families from those that do us harm. Unlike a lot of celebrities and politicians, they don’t have armed guards,” he added.

“Hollywood liberals are such huge hypocrites when it comes to the issues,” said Sean. “How many live in those gated communities? How many can afford private security? How many buy the best and most expensive security system? Yet, they would disarm law-abiding citizens who can only rely on themselves to protect their families.”

“It is beyond the height of hypocrisy […] The left doesn’t believe in the Second Amendment,” he added. “Every time tragedy strikes, the left races, rushes to judgment pushing an agenda…They want to ban all guns.”

Watch Sean’s opening monologue above.