WHAT'S WRONG WITH NANCY? Confused Pelosi Struggles Through Brutal Town Hall

posted by admin - 8.29.17

The former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi struggled to make it through a CNN town hall event this week; leaving audience members perplexed as she stuttered, trailed off, and stared blankly at the packed crowd.

The California Congresswoman was fielding questions from the audience regarding Puerto Rico, gun legislation, and other issues when she repeatedly lost her train of thought; veering wildly between topics and making little sense.

“Responsible gun owners from the hills of Arizona to the duck blinds of Minnesota -all over- say, ‘We’re all law-abiding, we have many guns, we have as many guns as he had, but we have…’ trailed off Pelosi, staring blankly at CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

“Background checks,” she finally said.

Pelosi froze again when speaking over allegations of Russian election interference in 2016, bizarrely saying “This isn’t a frivolous thing. Many of us… …are interested in the public knowing.”

It didn’t stop there. Pelosi went on to answer questions over President Trump’s handling of Puerto Rican recovery efforts, adding “Economic integrity…of Puerto Rico. When I say integrity… success.”

Watch Pelosi’s bizarre comments above.

h/t The American Mirror