BOMBSHELL: Debbie Schultz' IT Staffer Posed 'Substantial Security Threat'

posted by admin - 6.12.17

Republican legislators held high-level hearings on Tuesday regarding Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ shady IT staffer Imran Awan, with one GOP lawmaker saying the computer technician posed a “substantial security threat” to the United States.

According to Fox News, the Republican Representatives discussed the “massive” data breach and undocumented file transfers between government servers and unauthorized hardware owned and operated by Awan, former DNC boss Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ top technician.

“These facts, standing alone, indicate a substantial security threat,” said Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Scott Perry.

According to Rep. Perry, there were nearly 6,000 logins to federal servers by Awan and his top associates, and 5,400 of those logins were either illegal or unauthorized. The GOP lawmaker told his colleagues that a Capitol Hill police investigation was opened after officials noticed Awan’s suspicious behavior.

The House Office of Inspector General is also investigating an abandoned laptop found after midnight in a Congressional phone booth. The computer contained Schultz’ initials, and was found a full two-months after Awan and his aides were barred from the Capitol grounds.

Schultz stands by her decision to keep Awan on her payroll for months after police opened their investigation; only firing the IT staffer after he was arrested trying to flee the United States.