THIS IS CNN: The Network Claims Russia Used 'Pokémon' to Meddle in 2016

posted by admin - 6.13.17

Just weeks after liberal reporters and left-wing activists blamed Facebook and social media for Hillary’s 2016 election loss to Donald Trump, Democrats have yet another excuse for her stunning defeat: the popular online children’s game ‘Pokéman Go.’

CNN published an “exclusive” article Thursday, claiming Russian-backed hackers infiltrated the popular game to sway Clinton voters towards the Republican candidate. The story, titled “Even Pokémon Go used by extensive Russian-linked meddling effort,” said the Kremlin had extended “its tentacles” into the game.

“Russian efforts to meddle in American politics did not end at Facebook and Twitter. A CNN investigation of a Russian-linked account shows its tentacles extended to YouTube, Tumblr and even Pokémon Go,” writes the author.

According to the article, Russian entities created a contest within Pokéman Go, an augmented reality game where users explore real-world locations, urging players to visit sites where acts of police-violence allegedly occurred.

The author admits it’s “unclear” what the Russian hackers “hoped to accomplish” by having contestants -many of whom were children- compete in the contest, or how that would impact the 2016 election.

“It’s unclear what the people behind the contest hoped to accomplish, though it may have been to remind people living near places where these incidents had taken place of what had happened and to upset or anger them,” states the article.