WATCH: Eric Holder Criticizes Gold Star Families 'Offended' by NFL Protests

posted by admin - 2.28.17

Former Attorney General Eric Holder applauded NFL players who choose to “take a knee” on Wednesday, suggesting the Gold Star families of those killed serving their country shouldn’t “feel offended” by athletes because they’re expressing their “First Amendment rights.”

Holder was speaking with CNN’s Jake Tapper when he made his outlandish remarks, claiming players who choose to sit-out the US national anthem were “not disrespecting people in the military” or the American flag.

“President Trump said that NFL players that take a knee should be suspended. The NFL declined to force players to stand during the national anthem,” said Tapper. “What do you make of this controversy? Do you understand those who are offended?”

“Gold Star families should not necessarily feel offended because the purpose of those demonstrations was not to disrespect people in the military, not to disrespect the flag,” said Holder. “These are players expressing their First Amendment rights to express views about the interaction between people in law enforcement and communities of color.”

“I think these protests offer us an opportunity for some dialogue to talk about the underlying issues that the players were trying to raise. Let’s talk about the way in which law enforcement interacts with certain communities in our country,” he added.

Watch Holder’s outrageous remarks above.