WATCH: Delusional Hillary Thinks the REPUBLICAN PARTY is 'Imploding'

posted by admin - 6.26.17

Doomed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lashed-out at the Republican Party on Wednesday, saying the GOP was “imploding” and had become “captive” to the far-right and “religious” zealots.

Clinton was speaking during a press event focused on her new memoir when she made the outlandish claim, ripping the GOP for being at the “mercy of their financial backers.”

“We’ve seen in the last week, we’ve seen Bob Corker, we’ve seen Jeff Flake, there are a lot of people in the Republican Party who feel exactly same way,” said Hillary. “When they appear on TV or they are interviewed they need to be pressed on how they feel and what they think.”

“There are a lot of things that I worry about, this is actually on my list of what I worry about,” she added. “The Republican Party is imploding. It is becoming a far-right captive party to ideological, religious, and commercial interests.”

“It is at the mercy of its financial backers and a cabal of leaders who are doing things like shrinking the electorate, gerrymandering, and taking every step they can to maintain power on behalf of themselves and those who are like-minded,” she added.

Watch Clinton’s delusional comments above.