GOP BLITZ: New Poll Shows GOP Voters DITCHING NFL in Droves

posted by admin - 1.23.17

The National Football League’s popularity continues to collapse after two-months of players refusing to stand for the US national anthem; with a new Fox News poll showing GOP voters are abandoning the NFL in droves.

According to the survey, the NFL’s popularity has plunged nearly 20% in just four years as professional athletes gradually injected politics throughout the league. Even worse, 41% said they had a “negative” view of the NFL, up sharply from 19% in 2013.

The poll illustrates the sharp divide between GOP voters and the beleaguered football league, with the organization’s favorability rating plummeting 37% among voters who self-identify as Republicans, 14% among independents, and just 6% by Democrats.

The NFL is entering unchartered territory as the second month of player protests continue to damage the league’s already troubled image. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and team owners struggle to regain furious fans as viewers tune-out, but have so far refused to demand players remain standing during the US national anthem.

During week seven, nearly two dozen professional athletes “took a knee” during the performance of the ‘Star-Spangled Banner,’ with some networks opting to black-out the national anthem entirely.