WATCH: Dodgy Debbie CLAMS UP When Pressed on DNC 'Dossier' Scandal

posted by admin - 6.13.17

Former head of the Democratic National Committee Debbie Wasserman Schultz found herself embroiled in yet another scandal this week; refusing to answer reporter’s questions over what she knew about the DNC’s role in financing the infamous ‘Trump Dossier.’

The former DNC chief was confronted by a Fox News reporter on Capitol Hill, where she repeatedly denied she had any knowledge that Hillary’s campaign or the Democratic Party had financed the bogus report.

“When did you learn the DNC and the Clinton campaign were behind the dossier?” pressed one reporter.

“I wasn’t aware of the arrangement at all,” said Schultz.

“Then how can you have led the DNC and be in the dark about the dossier?” he asked.

“I wasn’t aware of the arrangement at all,” she repeated.

“What do you think about new leadership’s statement, basically kicking the can back to old leadership?” asked the journalist.

“I wasn’t aware of the arrangement at all,” Schultz said once again.

Watch the revealing exchange above.