CHAOS IN NYC: Six Dead, 15 Injured as Driver Plows into Pedestrians

posted by Hannity Staff - 7.22.17


At least six people were killed and 15 injured in what the NYPD is describing as an “incident” in lower Manhattan, when a rental truck plowed into pedestrians on a busy bike path.

Initial reports indicate the driver may have possessed a fake firearm or paint-gun, and was waving the weapon at pedestrians while driving around New York City’s trendy Tribeca neighborhood.

“What happened was there was a car crash… he came out of one of the cars. He had two guns,” a 14-year-old Stuyvesant high school student told the NY Post. “We thought it was a Halloween thing. He started running around the highway. There was another guy in a green shirt that was chasing him around.”

Counter-terror police are on the scene along with local law enforcement and representatives of Mayor Bill De Blasio’s office.

The NYPD are currently treating the incident as a “possible act of terror.”

More information as it becomes available.