TRUE TARGET: NYC Terrorist Hoped to KILL DOZENS on Iconic Brooklyn Bridge

posted by Hannity Staff - 11.16.17

Federal prosecutors formally charged the deranged madman behind the deadly truck-attack in lower Manhattan late Wednesday afternoon, revealing new details over the terrorist assault that left 8 people dead and 12 injured.

According to NBC New York, Sayfullo Saipov dreamed-up the attack nearly a year ago, and had spent a “number of weeks” preparing the carnage; renting a similar Home Depot truck and carefully practicing his turns and route through New York City.

Federal investigators now believe that the ISIS-inspired attacker had even bigger plans had he not crashed into a school bus, disabling his rented pick-up truck. Sources say Saipov’s true intention was to continue his rampage, driving crosstown before entering the pedestrian portion of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.

FBI Agent Amber Tyree filed the court paperwork on behalf of the agency, saying Saipov had carefully researched Halloween events surrounding New York City, and his final goal was to murder more civilians on the iconic bridge that connects lower Manhattan with Brooklyn.

“This is the preferred weapon of choice now,” said a retired FBI Agent familiar with the investigation. “It’s easy to run — to steal, borrow, or use your own vehicle to commit these types of acts.”