HANNITY: GOP 'Watered-Down' Tax Plan Would Be a 'Spectacular' Failure

posted by admin - 4.30.17

Speaking on his opening monologue Thursday night, Hannity warned GOP lawmakers that watering down President Trump’s tax plan would be a monumental mistake; adding that Republican legislators need to start passing Trump’s agenda or face the consequences in 2018.

“On January 20th, President Trump was sworn into office and immediately started the process to keep his promises and fix these problems,” said Sean. “Congress, Republicans, have been dragging their feet.”

“The repeal and replace of Obamacare died in the United States Senate, funding for the border wall postponed. Now the Senate is planning to fundamentally alter President Trump’s tax proposal,” he added. “We learned earlier today that the Senate plan will delay the best part of it, the corporate tax cut, until 2019.”

“If you’re a member of Congress… I want you to listen very closely,” Hannity said. “If this delay goes to 2019 it will be rightly interpreted by the American people as a failure of you doing your job on a spectacular level. These tax cuts are crucial to American businesses.”

“It’s time for Senators like Mitch McConnell, John McCain, the others in the Senate, stop lecturing us, the American people. It’s time to get to work,” he added.

Watch Sean’s opening monologue above.