BREAKING: GOP-Controlled House PASSES Historic Tax Cut Bill

posted by admin - 3.30.17

The House of Representatives passed the first major overhaul of the United States tax code in decades on Thursday, making a major step forward on replacing the nation’s overly complicated and outdated tax system and securing a key aspect of President Trump’s legislative agenda.

According to the New York Times, the House voted 227 to 205 to pass the GOP legislation, capping off a whirlwind push by President Trump to ensure the measure passed the unpredictable chamber.

Over a dozen Republicans voted “no” on the bill, and the policy gained zero votes from Congressional Democrats.

The legislation now moves to the United States Senate, where it faces an uphill battle in gaining enough votes to reach the President’s desk. Earlier today, at least one Senate Republican announced his opposition to the bill, further reducing the GOP’s razor-thin majority.

“Republicans are under pressure to get legislation to Mr. Trump’s desk by Christmas, especially after failing in their attempt to dismantle the Affordable Care Act this year, even though their party has full control of government,” writes the Times. “Lawmakers also want to push the legislation through quickly to avoid giving lobbyists and Democrats time to mobilize.”

The proposed legislation would cut nearly $1.5 trillion from America’s tax burden over the next decade, with most cuts going to corporations and the US middle class.