KIM'S CRISIS: Singapore SUSPENDS All Trade with North Korea

posted by admin - 1.31.17

Singapore has become the latest nation to suspend all trade with North Korea, delivering a devastating blow to dictator Kim Jong Un’s already fragile economy from its seventh largest trading partner.

According to CNBC, Singapore announced this week that it will sever all commercial trading ties with the communist nation following a recent push by the United States to crackdown on North Korea’s economy until Kim abandons his nuclear and missile programs.

“Singapore will prohibit all commercially traded goods from, or to, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK),” said officials from the nation’s customs office.

The city-state is the latest country to downgrade relations with the hermit kingdom.

In September, the Philippines cut ties following a new UN resolution that placed stiff penalties on member states who trade with North Korea.

The announcement comes as the war-of-words between Kim Jong Un and President Trump escalated in recent days. Earlier this week, Kim’s regime announced that Trump had been “sentenced to death” after calling the despot “short and fat” on twitter.