HANNITY: Is Senator Al Franken Fit for Office?

posted by admin - 6.28.17

Speaking on ‘Hannity’ Thursday night, Sean unloaded on embattled Democratic Senator Al Franken for years of lewd comments and vicious behavior as more women come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct; ultimately asking if the liberal lawmaker is fit for office.

“In the case of Senator Al Franken, here’s what we have. He admitted to some of it and we have irrefutable photographic evidence,” said Sean. “Al Franken issued a statement apologizing for the photo, but claims not to remember the backstage kissing incident.”

“Franken is also agreeing to a Senate Ethics investigation. An Ethics investigation in my mind takes too long. Is it a delay tactic?” he asked. “Like in the case with Senate candidate Roy Moore, these are all very serious allegations that need to be fully investigated.”

“When it comes to Senator Al Franken… he has a long history of making all kinds of vicious, vile, completely-out of line comments. He’s also a massive hypocrite when it comes to sexual harassment,” said Sean.

“Senator Al Franken should be ashamed. It is repulsive. Leeann Tweeden is asleep. We have to ask again, given this information, everything we now know… is Senator Al Franken fit for office?” he added.

Watch Hannity’s comments above.