GINGRICH ON HANNITY: American Culture is at a Turning Point

posted by admin - 6.12.17

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich stopped-by ‘Hannity’ on Monday night to weigh-in on the ongoing sexual harassment scandals sweeping the country; saying American culture is once again at a turning-point.

“You have this incredible perspective. I’m making an argument tonight that after 30 years of the Clintons, and 30 years of smearing and slandering those women, now the reckoning for the Clintons is coming,” said Sean. “When is the day of reckoning?”

“I think we’re at a very important turning point for American culture. We’ve gone through a long period of what I describe as the ‘Age of the Kardashians.’ Where you can do anything and get away with anything,” said Gingrich.

“Maybe what we’re beginning to see happen is virtue coming back to America,” he added. “As people realize whether it’s the extraordinary scale of the opioid epidemic, or the stunning amount of harassment of violation and women. All of a sudden, all of these things that the left tolerated are beginning to be unacceptable and very painful.”

“That may lead the country –not just Republican and conservatives- to have a really serious conversation about what are the standards we want going forward,” said the former Speaker.

Watch Gingrich on ‘Hannity’ above.