HOUSE OF CARDS: Top Dem Used TAXPAYER Dollars to Pay-Off Accusers

posted by admin - 7.24.17

A senior Democratic congressman used taxpayer dollars to settle a wrongful dismissal accusation after he allegedly fired a young staffer for refusing to “succumb” to his sexual advances; shelling out nearly $30,000 from public funds to buy her silence.

According to the Daily Caller, liberal Rep. John Conyers, the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, payed-out big bucks to silence multiple women, one of whom claimed the legislator, “asked her for sexual favors and often asked her to join him in a hotel room.”

“On one occasion, she alleges that Conyers asked her to work out of his room for the evening, but when she arrived the congressman started talking about his sexual desires,” writes the initial report first published by Buzzfeed.

“Documents from the complaint obtained by BuzzFeed News include four signed affidavits, three of which are notarized, from former staff members who allege that Conyers, the ranking Democrat on the powerful House Judiciary Committee, repeatedly made sexual advances to female staff that included requests for sex acts, contacting and transporting other women with whom they believed Conyers was having affairs, caressing their hands sexually, and rubbing their legs and backs in public. Four people involved with the case verified the documents are authentic,” says the report.

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