KNIVES OUT: Obama UNLOADS on Trump During France Visit

posted by admin - 6.27.17

Former President Barack Obama broke decorum and unloaded on his predecessor during an international trip this week, saying the United States has a “temporary lack of leadership” when it comes to foreign affairs and mitigating the effects of “climate change.”

According to Reuters, Obama made the shocking comments while discussing the human impact on the environment during a trip to Paris over the weekend; blasting Trump’s decision to “pull out” of the Paris Climate Accord earlier this year for the sake of American businesses and the economy.

“I grant you that at the moment we have a temporary absence of American leadership on the issue,” Obama told business leaders at the invite-only speaking engagement.

The former President went on to criticize the European Union’s bloated bureaucracy and slow decision-making process, adding that average Europeans find the entity “frustrating.”

“I think for example that the European Union needs to recognize that micro-managing every single aspect of life within Europe gets people frustrated,” said Obama.

“So there are ways of streamlining and improving the functioning of the European Union, but the European project itself, the Union itself is something that is worth preserving,” he added.