A NEW LOW: Women’s March Co-Founder Calls HUMAN SHIELDS ‘Brave’

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.15.18

The outspoken co-founder of the Women’s March organization found herself at the center of another controversy Tuesday; slamming the United States embassy celebration in Israel and referring to the terrorist tactic of using ‘human shields’ as ‘brave.’

Tamika Mallory made national headlines after she posted her stunning critique on social media this week, saying the United States “turns the blind eye” to “abuse everyday.”

One user took exception to Mallory’s fierce rhetoric, saying “It takes a special kind of evil to sacrifice your people for the cameras.”

The Women’s March co-founder fired-back, saying “Or bravery! Depends on how you look at it!”

Mallory was thrust into the national spotlight earlier this year after her attendance at a Louis Farrakhan speech raised questions over her relationship with the religious leader; listening in silence for nearly 3 hours as Farrakhan railed against the “Satanic Jew.”