ACTIVE SHOOTER: Multiple Shots FIRED at YOUTUBE Headquarters in California

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.03.18

The San Bruno Police Department and the ATF confirmed Tuesday evening there is currently an active shooter situation at YouTube headquarters in California; adding they were responding to reports of multiple injuries on the social media giant’s sprawling campus.

“We are responding to an active shooter. Please stay away from Cherry Ave & Bay Hill Drive,” tweeted the local police department.

Hospital officials confirmed to local television they have received multiple patients from the site of the shooting.

According to Fox News, the San Bruno Police Department was responding to at least 50 phone calls to 911 reporting rapid gunfire on the YouTube campus.

“Todd Sherman, who identified himself as a Product Manager at YouTube, claimed on Twitter that he was in a meeting at the building when they heard people running. He said he and others made their way to the exit and at one point when he ‘looked down’ he ‘saw blood drips on the floor and stairs.’ He said he saw authorities on the scene and added that he was now on his way home,” writes Fox.