AL’S RETURN? Leading Dems Call for FRANKEN to STAY in Senate

posted by Hannity Staff - 12.18.17

Liberal colleagues of disgraced Democratic Senator Al Franken are urging the left-wing lawmaker to reconsider his decision to resign from Congress; saying he should instead “go through the process” outlined by the Senate’s Ethics Committee.

Fellow Sen. Joe Manchin, a centrist Democrat, made the surprise remarks just days after Franken announced he would resign in the “coming weeks” after multiple women came forward and accused the legislator of forcibly “grabbing” or “kissing” them against their permission.

“I definitely think he should not resign,” said Manchin. “I think Al Franken should go through the process of what he’s asked for — due process… I believe that we should have a process to where women can come out and be protected when they have been violated and they should be able to state that and be protected in doing it, and I believe a person that’s been accused ought to have a process that we can investigate thoroughly, and whatever the findings are be prosecuted or be removed or found innocent of those charges.”

Franken announced his decision to step-down from the Senate on December 7th, saying he was “deeply ashamed” of his actions but also insisting “some” of the allegations were untrue.

“[It’s] just unbelievable to me how you can destroy a human being’s life and his family and everything that they stand for without giving him a chance. … Everybody’s caught up [with] who’s going to outdo the other, and it’s just ridiculous,” Manchin added.

h/t Washington Examiner