BUSTED: MSNBC Host Forced to CORRECT Bogus Sekulow Story

posted by Hannity Staff - 12.12.17

Just days after several news outlets were forced to “retract” multiple phony stories regarding President Trump and his relationship with Russia, MSNBC found itself in the hot-seat on Tuesday; “correcting” a bogus report about Trump’s lawyer and his “alleged call” for another special counsel.

MSNBC anchor and legal correspondent Ari Melber viciously attacked the President’s attorney on social media this week, saying Jay Sekulow had “crossed a line” in his calls for an investigation into Mueller’s months-long witch-hunt.

One problem: Sekulow never cited Mueller as a factor behind his decision, instead saying there was a “conflict regarding Fusion GPS and Bruce Orr,” adding this “has nothing to do with Bob Mueller or Mueller’s team.”

“My concern from the outset has been that the whole Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele fake dossier was utilized to get FISA warrants. There’s indications that’s probably what happened,” Jay Sekulow told Sean Hannity. “That raised a very serious problem in our view. I thought as a lawyer that a special counsel needs to be appointed just to investigate these multiple conflicts of interest as it relates to the Fusion GPS – Bruce Orr situation.”

“This was a very clear statement, I was very specific […] I said please understand none of this is about Bob Mueller,” he added.

Listen to Sekulow set-the-record straight above.