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BUSTED! Trump MOCKS the NY TIMES for ‘Missing’ Pompeo Story

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.10.18

President Trump called out the New York Times during his early morning meeting with recently released American prisoners Thursday, joking with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that the newspaper “couldn’t find him” during his trip to North Korea.

The President was referring to an article in the Times that mocked Pompeo for being “thousands of miles away” while the President announced his decision to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement.

It became clear within hours that the Secretary of State was “missing” due to his trip to North Korea to secure the release of American prisoners.

Trump welcomes US prisoners released by North Korea

“I think our Secretary of State, despite the fact the New York Times said he was missing, he was in North Korea. I think our Secretary of State did a fantastic job,” said Trump.

“Mike, did you know that you were missing? They couldn’t find you,” he joked. “They couldn’t find him. They couldn’t find him because he was in North Korea.”

Watch the President’s comments above.