DAY OF RECKONING: ‘Dreamer’ Bill Heading Towards a SENATE SHOWDOWN Thursday

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.15.18

A recently released bipartisan ‘Dreamer’ agreement is heading towards a Senate showdown Thursday, with legislators prepared to publicly debate the bill that could provide a pathway to citizenship for upwards of two million illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States.

Congress is struggling to strike a deal -that would eventually be signed by the President- to solve the DACA crisis before the program officially ends on March 5; placing 1.8 million ‘Dreamers’ at risk of deportation back to countries many had not seen since an early age.

According to those close to the bipartisan legislation, the proposal would secure the fate of those protected under DACA while pouring billions into “border security.”

It remains unclear if “border security” funding could be used to begin construction of President Trump’s signature campaign promise: A physical wall along the United States’ southern border with Mexico.

The President has repeatedly stated there can be “no deal” on DACA without securing funding for his “border wall,” meaning any agreement that doesn’t directly fund construction may be dead-on-arrival when it reaches the Oval Office.

Sen. Lindsey Graham -who helped draft the legislation- signaled that the proposal offers “no safeguards” to the parents of those impacted by DACA, a preventative measure that could deny a “pathway to citizenship” to millions of illegal immigrants related to ‘Dreamers.’