DEMOCRAT DELUSION: Congressman Believes Only ‘RICH PEOPLE’ Should Own Guns

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.01.18

A left-leaning Representative from Illinois weighed-in on the national debate surrounding gun control and mental health Wednesday, bizarrely suggesting that only “rich people” should be able to purchase firearms.

Rep. Danny Davis was speaking with Sirius XM’s Kerry Picket when he was pressed on his proposed legislation that would impose a 50% tax on firearms and ammunition; saying the money raised would be funneled into violence prevention.

“Some would argue that guns and ammunition would only be available to those with money,” said Picket.

“If rich people can only get firearms then only rich people would be able to pay the price and if that could prevent some people from getting them, I’d want to prevent all people from getting them,” Davis said

“But if rich people were willing and would continue to pay the high price, then I’d be happy that we kept the other group from getting them,” he added.

Listen to the Representative’s strange suggestion below: