DEMOCRAT HIT SQUAD: Mueller's Legal Team has ZERO Registered REPUBLICANS

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.22.18

As special counsel Robert Mueller’s never-ending investigation into Russian meddling continues, new questions are surfacing over the political affiliations of his hired guns; with recent reports revealing not one of his 16-person legal team are registered Republicans.

According to the Daily Caller, voter registration records show that 13 members of Mueller’s team are Democrats with the remaining three not members of any political party.

“The special counsel’s office has previously disclosed that nine of the 16 lawyers have made a total of $62,000 in donations to Democrats, with one of those nine lawyers having also donated $2,750 to Republican candidates,” adds the DC. “There is a 17th lawyer on the Russia probe, but this person’s identity and political affiliation remain unknown.”

Late last year, the special counsel’s office came under fire for its repeated practice of hiring Democratic donors; including multiple individuals who donated thousands of dollars to both former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s failed bid for the White House.