DEMOCRATS CAVE: Top Liberals Won’t Commit to REPEALING Popular GOP Tax Cuts

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.08.18

Despite liberal predictions of “death and destruction” and “Armageddon” following the President’s recent overhaul of the nation’s outdated and overly complicated tax code, leading Democrats refuse to say if they plan on repealing the popular legislation as millions of Americans see higher wages and big bonuses.

The nation’s top left-wing lawmakers spoke with reporters during a conference retreat this week, slamming the GOP’s tax cuts yet refusing to answer if they planned on repealing the bill should they retake Congress after the 2018 midterm elections.

“We simply would like to bring some balance back to the governance of the United States,” deflected Democratic Caucus chairman Joe Crowley.

Sen. Wyden echoed Crowley’s comments, saying the Democrats first priority should they regain control of the legislative branch is to enforce oversight of the GOP legislation, mentioning it would take a filibuster-proof 60 vote majority to fully repeal the tax code.

Independent progressive organizations are irate over the Democrat capitulation on repealing the bill, blasting liberal legislators for not standing up “to the biggest corporate giveaway in modern history.”

“American workers will not believe that Democrats are on their side if they cannot stand up against the biggest corporate giveaway in modern history,” said one spokesperson of Not One Penny, a progressive tax group that led the all-out crusade against the GOP tax cuts late-last year.

h/t Washington Examiner