DEMS' DIRTY TRICKS: Rebuttal Memo Filled with ‘SENSITIVE DETAILS’ to BLOCK Release

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.06.18

The Democratic rebuttal to the House Intelligence Committee’s explosive FISA memo is reportedly packed with “sensitive material” and classified data, with inside sources saying liberal lawmakers intentionally added the intel to prevent President Trump from releasing the controversial document.

According to Fox News, those close to the Committee believe Rep. Adam Schiff and others behind the memo included the data to pressure the President to either block it’s publication or heavily redact large portions of the material.

“The source who spoke to Fox News has read the Democrats’ rebuttal memo, and said it is filled with information on sources and methods taken from original documents,” writes Fox. “While the source described this as a way to put the White House in a difficult spot, Schiff maintained publicly that he wants to make sure the White House ‘does not redact our memo for political purposes.’”

The White House confirmed it received the Democratic rebuttal on Tuesday, saying the administration will follow the “same process and procedure” with the new memorandum as it did with the original.

“The White House has received a memorandum from the minority members of the House Select Permanent Committee on Intelligence,” said Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. “As stated many times, the Administration will follow the same process and procedure with this memorandum from the minority as it did last week, when it received the memorandum from the majority.”