DESPERATE DEMS: Liberals Still Have ‘GREAT CONCERNS’ Over Mike Pompeo

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.24.18

Liberal legislators in the Senate continued their struggle this week to derail President Trump’s pick to head the State Department, saying they have “great concerns” over Mike Pompeo’s qualifications to become the nation’s top diplomat.

Senate Democrats blasted Pompeo Monday, with nearly all of their members opposing the nominee over his support in pulling out of the Iranian nuclear agreement and the Paris Climate Accords.

“I honestly don’t see that,” said Sen. Debbie Stabenow when pressed if Democrats were attempting to block the nominee for political purposes. “People have very great concerns. I’m not saying that’s not part of it for somebody, but there’s a lot of legitimate concerns I think.”

“I think someone who has publicly supported pulling out of the Paris Agreement, pulling out of the Iran agreement, using sorties to destroy the nuclear program in North Korea, is different than past nominees,” added another left-leaning Senator.

In comparison, both Hillary Clinton and John Kerry -politicians largely unpopular in conservative and Republican circles- garnered 94 votes when they were confirmed under President Barack Obama.

h/t Washington Examiner