DIAMOND AND SILK: We Voted for Trump to ‘Obtain the AMERICAN DREAM’

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.27.18

Pro-Trump duo Diamond and Silk stopped by Fox News Friday to weigh-in on their highly-anticipated testimony before Congress; slamming democrats for trying to silence conservative voices throughout the African American community.

Diamond and Silk Appear on Fox & Friends After Wild Hearing: 'Thankful' to 'White Republicans'

“You had these representatives sitting there as if we had no merit, no claim and they were being very dismissive. I thought they work for the American people?” asked Diamond.

“We’re very thankful to the white republicans that allowed us a seat at the table to speak our truth about what’s going on, Unlike the black [democrats],” added Silk.

“We’ve been on the Democrat plantation. We know what it’s like over there. They’re the ones who condition black people’s minds to make us think that white republicans don’t want us to work, not have any money in our pockets,” she said.

“There’s nothing wrong with black people obtaining the American dream, that’s exactly why we voted for Donald Trump,” they concluded.

Watch their fiery interview above.