END OF AN ERA: Radio Legend Don Imus SIGNS OFF for the Last Time

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.04.18

Legendary radio personality Don Imus ended his nearly 50-year run on air last week, saying goodbye to longtime listeners and steadfast friends after broadcasting for half a century.

“Because you were the one, and I don’t know who ‘you’ is. I always thought and still think I was always talking to one person. I didn’t know if you were male or female, I just knew there was one person that I talked to and that would listen to me,” said the I-Man.

“I know in my heart there’s been nobody ever better on the radio than me. I mean that. I’m telling you how it is. Nobody ever did this – nobody – but it wasn’t me who did this. I’m gonna miss you,” he added.

Listen to Don’s final moments on the radio above.