FAKE NEWS ALERT: Washington Post Ditches PRO-TRUMP HEADLINE After Liberal’s Complain

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.31.18

The left-leaning Washington Post caved to liberal pressure Tuesday night, altering a Pro-Trump headline after left-wing activists complained the newspaper was giving the President too favorable coverage.

The Post initially tweeted out their headline following the President’s State of the Union address, where the paper used the slogan “A call for bipartisanship.”

Liberals on social media went nuclear within seconds, complaining that the Post would “regret” the decision and asking if they were “kidding.”

“I’m genuinely disappointed in the Washington Post for this headline. I expect you guys to be able to see through the rhetoric and actually see it for what it was – epic country-wide trolling designed to rally Republicans and set Democrats teeth on edge,” wrote another user.

The Post eventually caved under the onslaught of left-wing pressure, changing the headline to “A ‘new American moment.’”