FIREWORKS: Diamond and Silk DESTROY Democrats During Explosive Testimony

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.26.18

Pro-Trump duo Diamond and Silk unloaded on Democratic lawmakers on Capitol Hill Thursday; blasting the liberal legislators for “shamefully” ignoring the censorship of conservative voices on social media.

“What we are dealing with today is giving a platform to Diamond and Silk,” said Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson “You’ve made a ton of money off of Facebook, isn’t that correct?”

Rep. Johnson Has Friendly Chit Chat With Diamond & Silk in Judiciary

“Let me tell you something: Facebook censored us for six months,” fired-back Diamond, whose real name is Lynette Hardaway. “You know what? We didn’t bash Facebook. We brought to the light how Facebook has been censoring conservative voices like ourselves.”

“Shame on the ones who don’t even see that we have been censored. Yet when the Black Lives Matter people complain, everybody’s up in arms,” she added. “If the shoe was on the other foot and Mark Zuckerberg was a conservative, and we were liberal, all chains would have broken loose, you know it and I know it.”

Watch the fireworks above.