FIREWORKS: Mike Pompeo SHREDS Liberal Senator Over ‘OUTRAGEOUS’ Questions

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.25.18

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo unloaded on Democratic Senator Tom Udall during a fiery exchange in Congress Friday; slamming the liberal legislator’s claims the President’s foreign policy may be designed to financially benefit Donald Trump.

"I find that question bizarre" Pompeo clashes with Sen. Udall

“Given that the president refuses to disclose his tax returns, how can you assure the American people that American foreign policy is free of his personal conflicts of interest?” Udall asked.

“Senator, I find that question bizarre,” fired-back the Secretary of State.

“I’ve been incredibly involved in this administration’s foreign policy now for 16 months now, and I have seen literally no evidence of what you are scurrilously suggesting,” he added. “It is an outrageous suggestion.”

Watch the fiery exchange above.