FIREWORKS: Pompeo SCOLDS NY Democrat Over 'Diplomat Security'

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.23.18

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo unloaded on a liberal legislator before a Congressional committee Wednesday, slamming the New York Democrat after he accused Pompeo of “not caring” about the security of American diplomats abroad.

Pompeo scolded Rep. Gregory Meeks during a heated exchange before the House Foreign Affairs Committee after the lawmaker questioned his priorities regarding “diplomatic security,” telling Meeks he should never make “accusations” like that again.

Meeks and Pompeo Get in Heated Exchange Over Diplomatic Security

“Mr. Secretary, I have some concerns… Should we conclude that, because you’ve not mentioned it one time, not once, should we conclude based upon that fact that you do not care about diplomatic security?” Meeks asked Pompeo.

“No, you should not conclude that,” Pompeo fired-back. “I take diplomatic security very seriously. Never make an accusation [like that].”

“Oh, now the real secretary is coming out,” Meeks concluded. “He did not do that with Secretary Clinton, let me tell you that!”

h/t Washington Free Beacon