North Korea

FLASHBACK: Hillary Says Trump ‘NOT HELPFUL’ in Solving Korean Crisis

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.10.18

Doomed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton slammed President Trump’s approach to North Korean diplomacy just months ago; attacking the Commander-in-Chief’s tough talk as “not useful” in getting Kim Jong Un to abandon his nuclear weapons program.

The former Secretary of State was speaking with ABC’s The View when she weighed-in on Trump’s harsh rhetoric towards the Hermit Kingdom, accusing the President of alienating America’s allies in the region.

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“North Korea, this is a very serious issue. What I’m most critical of is that you cannot deal with North Korea unless you deal with our allies,” said Clinton.

“It doesn’t help for the President on Twitter to insult South Korea. It is not useful in our trying to bring people together to deal with what is a very serious threat to our own national security,” she added.

Watch Clinton’s comments above.