GAME OVER? Keith Ellison Calls for NFL BOYCOTT After ‘Kneeling Ban’

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.29.18

Deputy Chair of the DNC Keith Ellison called for a nationwide boycott of the National Football League over the Memorial Day weekend; saying he can no longer “watch this season” after the NFL’s “idiotic kneeling ban.”

The liberal legislator slammed the embattled league on social media during the holiday weekend, saying he “loves football” but “won’t be watching” after NFL owners unanimously decided that all players must remain standing during the performance of the US national anthem.

“Friends who know me, know that I love football. But I won’t be watching this NFL season because of the unfair cowardly and idiotic kneeling ban. #BoycottNFL,” tweeted Ellison.

The President hailed the league’s decision last week, saying officials and owners “did the right things” by requiring all personnel “on the field” to remain standing during the performance of the ‘Star-Spangled Banner.’