GLOVES OFF: 2020 Contender THREATENS to ASSAULT Trump at Presidential Debates

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.12.18

Governor of Virginia and 2020 presidential hopeful Terry McAuliffe issued a stark –and possibly illegal- warning to President Trump this week, vowing to assault the Commander-in-Chief if the two were to meet face to face.

The senior Democrat and longtime Clinton insider was speaking with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews when he threatened the President of the United States with physical violence; saying he would “deck” Trump if he “invaded” his space during a presidential debate.

“I know Hillary’s a friend of yours and she’s a strong person, but he did that thing of leaning over her, in that weird Godzilla way in a debate. What would you do in a debate with him if he tried that? What would you do?” asked Matthews.

“You would have to pick him up off the floor.”

“You would have to pick him up off the floor,” fired-back McAuliffe. “Listen, this guy got in my space, you want to get in my space, I’ve always said, Chris, you punch me, I’m going to punch you back twice as hard. And it wouldn’t be hard to do it. This guy thinks he can intimidate everybody. It’s disgraceful and embarrassing.”

“But if he ever came over and leaned on me and got in my space, that would be the last time Donald Trump ever did that, I promise you that,” he added.

Watch McAuliffe’s vicious comments above.