GREAT AGAIN: US Treasury Collects ‘RECORD TAX’ Revenue Through August

posted by Hannity Staff - 9.14.18

The US economy continues to roar to life under President Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress, with new data showing the Treasury Department collected a record-setting individual income tax haul through August 2018.

According to CNS News, the federal government collected a stunning $1,521,589,000 in the first eleven months of the 2018 fiscal calendar (Oct 2017-Aug 2018).

“Prior to this year, the record federal individual income tax collections for the first eleven months of the fiscal year occurred last year, when the Treasury collected $1,460,379,260,000 in individual income taxes in constant August 2018 dollars,” writes CNS.

The strong data may spell disaster for Democrats hoping to retake control of Congress this fall, with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi vowing to repeal the ‘GOP Tax Scam’ should her party win big in November.

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