HANDLER'S HATE: Chelsea Says GOP WOMEN ‘Oppress’ Female Rights, ‘DESERVE’ Hate

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.09.18

Anti-Trump comedian Chelsea Handler found herself in hot-water over the weekend after she publicly trashed Republican women working in the US government; saying they “deserve” her hatred because they actively “oppress women’s rights and education.”

The liberal comic urged voters to support left-wing female candidates on social media Sunday, saying “This is what my daughter thinks of the lack of female representatives in government. Pls pay attention to the strong female candidates we have running. They’re all on my Facebook page and @emilyslist #theyearofthewoman.”

Users on twitter immediately pushed back against Handler’s comments, saying she routinely “slanders” every woman working in the Trump administration.

“You hate and slander every woman that is high up in this administration. It’s like you don’t actually care about women, just liberal women,” tweeted one GOP supporter.

“Every woman in this administration is helping to oppress women’s rights and education. They deserve it,” fired-back Handler.

h/t Twitchy