HANNITY: Jeff Sessions Should FIRE ‘Corrupt and Crooked’ McCabe NOW

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.15.18

Speaking during his opening monologue on ‘Hannity’ Wednesday night, Sean called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to immediately fire former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe; adding the senior bureau official is “as crooked as they come.”

“The Attorney General Jeff Sessions is reviewing a recommendation from the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility to give McCabe the ax. Firing McCabe before Friday would mean he would lose his tax-payer funded pension. Something explosive has gone on here,” said Hannity.

“The new development is raising speculation that the DOJ’s Inspector General’s report about the FBI’s phony Clinton email investigation will be released soon. Fox News has also discovered that McCabe was not forthcoming about his approval for an FBI official to talk to reporters about the bureau’s investigation into the Clinton Foundation,” he added.

“When it comes to firing Andrew McCabe, the Attorney General should not be contemplating a decision here, because the answer is obvious, and the facts are staring Sessions right in the face,” Sean said.  “McCabe is corrupt and he’s as crooked as they come. He is one of those Deep State actors that we have been telling you about and he needs to be held accountable.”

Listen to Sean’s opening monologue above.